For your Jetsetter.

For your Jetsetter.

1. Because travel can be a little stressful.  These convenient capsules from Onda help to smooth out the rough edges AND you'll get the exact same dosage every time.

2. We love these splash proof, durable bags for everything from gym clothes to organizing your suitcase or carry on.

3. Little luxuries can make all the difference.  Wipe down your seat area on the plane, train, bus and take a deep breathe.

4. Super delicious, ceremonial grade matcha in convenient single serve sticks.  Just add hot water!

5. The Laundress x Le Labo collaboration Santal scented laundry detergent for all her hand washables and beyond.  We LOVE washing our blankets, duvet covers, etc...

6. The BEST travel pant from Bevy Flog.  

7. Wrap her up in this super soft, super lux shawl that doubles as the most amazing travel blanket.

8. The ultimate backpack from Kempton also converts to a tote.



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