The Fix Face Potion 10 ML by Khus + Khus
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The Fix Face Potion 10 ML by Khus + Khus

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CONTAINS these botanical superpowers

usnea   elderflower   amla   cannabinoid   prickly pear   amalaki seed oil 

THE FIX FACE POTION is an extraordinary blend of highly potent and unique botanical species. Creating a synergistic blend of powerful and potent herbal allies. Containing Usnea lichen known for containing a vast array of secondary metabolites for a complex and sophisticated botanical synergy of ancient wisdom. This highly antioxidant formula contains essential minerals, flavonoids, and quercetin a polyphenol derived from plants

USNEA Old world herbalism usnea is definitely an herb, but it’s not a plant! Usnea is a lichen, which is a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a funghi. A powerful antimicrobial herb effective against the bacteria that causes acne and promotes rapid cellular healing. Has a tonifying effect on immune function while inhibiting bacterial overgrowth. Ideal for stabilization of the acid mantle.

ELDERFLOWER this ancient sacred tree its flowers encourages the body to release toxins, highly anti inflammatory, rich in vitamins, flavonoids and quercetin, and antioxidants a free radical fighter against the sun and environmental toxins. The astringent qualities are helpful in refining the complexion, retexturizing and reducing the appearance of pores. 

Formulated with 225mg/30ml – 60mg/10ml of Broad Spectrum zero THC hemp extracted cannabinoid oil a prolific species containing a broad range of chemical compounds. High in antioxidants and adaptogenic capacity. Having profound impacts on our nervous system and inflammatory actions, this creates a positive effect on the aging process by stabilizing metabolic function.

AMALAKI highly revered in Ayurvedic medicine also known as indian gooseberry extremely high in Vit C with 3000 mg per fruit, considered a nutritive tonic and rejuvenative herb, highly anti-inflammatory known as a rasayana rebuilds and maintains tissues.

PRICKLY PEAR oil extremely high in Vit E one of the highest forms known in nature, also vastly rich in Vit K known to reduce the appearance of under eye circles. An antioxidant powerhouse with high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. Which assist in adding moisture the collagen in your skin and tighten pores. 

Skin Challengesmost skin types:  dry, oily, sensitive, eczema, acne, inflammation, sun damaged, dark circles 

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: calmative, antioxidant, regulator, skin tonic 


 xxxxxxanti-inflammatory       skin tonic       antioxidant   nervous system superstar


USE: Add 2-3 pumps to hand apply to forehead, chin, cheeks, neck, spread evenly. morning + night.