New Beginnings Manifestation Candle
New Beginnings Manifestation Candle
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New Beginnings Manifestation Candle

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Manifesting new beginnings and a fresh start. This candle is orange, sparking creativity, happiness and attraction. It stimulates vitality +adaptability.

Infused with palo santo and rosemary

Palo santo is cleansing and creates new energy. rosemary brings concentration and peacefulness. It releases psychic and spiritual blocks.

Placed inside are three crystals / gemstones. Moonstone is the stone of “new beginnings”, promotes growth and strength. Hematite calms stress in times of worry and transforms negative energy to positive. Silver aura quartz stone uplifts spirits, promotes optimism and hope. The crystals and gemstones were cleansed with sage and charged in the moonlight in Denver, CO. 

Soy wax, hand poured with love + 100 percent organic. 

9 oz Candle with 70+ hour burn time.