Avocado + Matcha Face Wash
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Avocado + Matcha Face Wash

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There are really only 4 words we need to say about this green machine: avocado, matcha, face, & wash... got it? No? Let’s try again. Fatty acids, vitamins, & sterolin– a substance shown to soften skin– from the avocado combined with the antioxidants & natural antibiotics found in matcha tea powder create an awesome, vegan face wash. Now ya get it?! Good.

Now get some!

Lather a quarter size amount onto your face after a Calendula+Turmeric mask for a refreshing evening ritual.


1 fl oz

Ingredients: saponified coconut*, olive*, castor, & jojoba oils with vegetable glycerine*, non-gmo avocado oil, hemp oil*, bentonite clay, matcha green tea*, spirulina*, guar gum*, rosemary eo, tea tree eo, frankincense eo, citric acid