Boar Bristile & Nylon Oval Cushion Styling Brush
Boar Bristile & Nylon Oval Cushion Styling Brush
Boar Bristile & Nylon Oval Cushion Styling Brush
Boar Bristile & Nylon Oval Cushion Styling Brush
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Boar Bristile & Nylon Oval Cushion Styling Brush

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Long-Lasting for Stylists. A Lifetime of Home Use.
• An heirloom-quality, Mason-style, all-around brush that’s built to last, for all hair types and lengths.
• Made for both dry brushing and blow drying because of its unique bristle design with boar hair bristles half the height of the nylon bristles.
• Designed and manufactured to our unique and custom specifications.
• Good for wrapping, smoothing, curls, volume, shine and gently combing out wet hair.
• Less breakage. Less frizz.
• Exfoliates scalp and stimulates scalp circulation for healthy hair.

Natural Boar Bristles
• Ten rows of natural boar bristles are gentle on the hair and scalp, smoothing and conditioning hair by pulling natural oils from the root through to the ends.
• Boar bristles have been the gold standard in hairbrushes for 200 years.

Uniquely Durable Nylon Bristles, An Industry First
• Ball-tipped nylon bristles won’t cause breakage like rough plastic bristles do.
• Our nylon bristles AND ball tips are heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (hair dryer maximum heat is 131 degrees), so this brush will not melt and fall apart during repeated blow-dryer use at even the hottest settings.
• The balls are joined to the bristles by melting them at 200 degrees, so heat will not separate the nylon balls from the bristles, for years of smooth styling.

Caring for Your Brush at Home
• Carefully remove any hair after each use.
• Occasionally wash with warm water and gentle soap or shampoo, without submerging the brush.
• Air dry with the bristles facing down.

Professional Care
• Between guests, carefully remove any hair.
• Generously spray bristles and pad with isopropyl alcohol or Barbicide to disinfect.

FSC Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood
• The brush handle is made with sustainably sourced beechwood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
• The FSC ensures protection of fragile ecosystems, respecting natural cultures, preventing illegal logging, and restricting clear cutting.
• Beechwood is naturally strong, durable and smooth to the touch.
• The handle is 9-7/8″ long and 2-5/8″ wide at the top, engraved with a C+K logo and geometric design, and a beautiful antiqued finish.

Move Away from Throw-Away Culture | Every cheap plastic tool you buy will linger in landfills for 1,000 years.

Pneumatic Oval Cushion | The red oval cushion is designed to prevent hair pull, and to heat up and smooth hair like a smoothing iron.