Desert Southwest RoadTrip Guide
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Desert Southwest RoadTrip Guide

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This vast and inspiring western country – from ranch towns and raging rivers to sacred monuments and red rock canyons – stretches the American traveler’s definition of time and space.


Inside find 145 pages of local stories, travel intel and modern lore, including:
  • Where to find authentic Navajo rugs.

  • The best burger-and-shake joint in Moab, Utah.

  • Historic outlaws and lawmen of note

  • Scenic back roads from every Southwestern state.

  • A map of stunning Grand Canyon overlooks.

  • Intel on seeing New Mexico from a hot air balloon.

  • Pointers on high desert photography.

  • Expert selection on retro inns and destination hotels.

  • Legends and lore from Canyon de Chelly.

  • An interview with an Arizona Shaman