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Madison Necklace by Mountain Jems

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MADISON : impeccable posture, charming face, career woman, and a lover. She is a nurse, a daughter, sister, fiancé, and a friend. She is so much more than that and I cannot wait to see her bright eyes again. Maddie is a woman willing to do whatever it takes to help put another woman’s crown back together and never tell anyone it was broken. She’s rare. She’s unique. She’s mysterious.

One juicy white Baroque pearl hangs on a 14k gold fill figaro chain. Pearls begin to form when a piece of grit enters an oyster shell. In response to the irritant, the oyster secretes nacre to protect the its soft tissue from harm. This nacre forms a firm crystalline substance containing calcium carbonate that turns into a smooth coating building layers over time. These overlapping translucent layers give pearl its shimmer. The pearl is taken from the shell without any need for polishing.  It’s simply perfect and the way nature intended, just like each and every one of us.

21.5” with 1.5” extension.

Hits at the heart chakra.