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Rainbow Zip Clutch by TOTem Salvaged

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Vintage leather meets contemporary functionality in this HAPPY clutch by Totem Salvaged. Each one is made by hand with supple vintage leather. Due to the nature of the vintage leather sourcing and the hand-dyeing process, each of these incredible bags is a truly one-of-a-kind piece designed to last a lifetime. 



TOTeM Salvaged was introduced in 2010 by designer Stephanie Larrowe, created by utilizing salvaged vintage materials and repurposed into “One of a Kind” handbags, furniture and accessories. Our focus at TOTeM is creating bold, artistic and tasteful pieces that are contemporary yet rich with history.

TOTeM uses salvaged materials and textiles from the late 1800’s era to the 1970’s rescued and thoughtfully given new life in our Los Angeles based studio one piece at a time. Our vintage materials and textiles are sourced from all across the United States.

With the use of vintage Navajo blankets, American flags, Chimayo textiles, 1940’s print fabrics, bandanas, denims, Serape textiles , equestrian tack, leathers, needlepoint and other vintage materials that all come together in a unique line of “one of a kind” handbags, furniture and accessories all hand crafted in California since 2010.