Sutra Black Cacao Latte
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Sutra Black Cacao Latte

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  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Many people have experienced increased energy levels, decreased inflammation and less brain fog by removing harmful toxins from their body through activated charcoal.
  • RAW CACAO - Raw cacao releases endorphins, increases blood flow to the brain, and contains magnesium, a great long-term solution for increased energy.
  • RED REISHI MUSHROOM - Reishi helps reduce emotional and physical exhaustion, gives a clean and sustained energy, and promotes focus and alertness.
  • STEVIA - Stevia has zero calories and is literally hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, making it a great swap. 
  • SEA SALT - Sodium is a vital electrolyte that controls the total amount of water in the body, which helps optimize muscle and nerve function.
  • VANILLA - Rich in antioxidants, vanilla may protect your immune system and lower stress on the body.
  • CINNAMON - Cinnamon is high in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and is known to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • CAYENNE - Spicy herbs, such as cayenne, are great for naturally increasing energy levels, and have been shown to elevate mood and enhance heart function.
  • COCONUT MILK - Coconut milk contains an abundance of fatigue-fighting electrolytes and MCTs that the brain can easily utilize for increased cognitive function and energy.